April 25, 2019
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The Role of a Bail Bond Agent

Generally speaking, a bail bond agent, or a bail bondsman, functions as a surety. For a fee, and the promise of being reimbursed should their undertaking be called due, they undertake the financial guarantee of making sure that the defendant does not skip on their bail, and will be present during their scheduled court dates. …

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The Specialized Coverage that Bail Bonds Agencies Provide

Insurance policies and coverage are pretty much par for the course in most people’s lives: auto insurance, life insurance, health and medical insurance, home insurance, accidental death insurance, etc. It seems like we can get coverage for a great number of possible events in our lives, and insurance helps us to manage the risks if …

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What is a Surety Bail Bond?

A Surety Bail Bond is an alternative to cash bail bonds, wherein instead of paying cash, the release of a prisoner from jail pending trial is arranged on the basis of the financial guarantee of a person or the surety to make payment. This is usually only allowed in cases where the bail is set …

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Why Do Bail Bond Companies Need Insurance?

Did you ever wonder how bail bond companies or agencies can act as surety for several different defendants, and potentially answer for thousands, if not millions of dollars in bail? How can bail bond companies do this and not go out of business? I mean, what if, by some stroke of ill luck, all the …

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